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Things to know about Energy Efficient Windows just

If you are thinking of buying new windows for your home, you may think that the only real difference between all those available is the price. A window is just a window, isn’t it?

There is actually a lot more to the modern window than meets the eye. Some of the latest windows are making use of Energy Efficient Windows technologies which could end up bringing you significant savings in your fuel bills. So before you sign up for the cheapest deal, read our short guide to make sure you get the best lifetime deal. There will be an energy efficient version of your desired window available – regardless of style. So don’t feel that you are going be limited in choice if you opt for Energy Efficient Windows. Some styles of window are naturally more efficient than others however, and it is very logical when you think about it.

Most Energy Efficient Windows: 3 main ways

There are 3 main ways in which energy can pass through a window.

  • Non-Solar
  • Non-solar energy transfer occurs when the outside temperature is significantly different to the internal temperature of the room. This is not due to a draught, but due to conduction, convection and radiation.
  •  Solar
  • Solar energy is basically the process by which the sun will warm the room through the window, through radiation. In cooler climates, solar heat gain (free heat from the sun) can be very welcome, but in warmer climates this could be enough to have you reaching for the air conditioning
  • Air Flow
  • Casement windows, where a section of the window will open outwards on a hinge, are the most efficient style of window. This is because when the window is closed, a seal is formed around the opening section. Also, driving winds will only serve to improve this seal, leading to a very low draught rate.

The Best Energy Efficient Windows

The Best Energy Efficient Windows replacement can be attainable by buying some of the brands I will provide below and by hiring a good contractor who can help you install them well. More about this later – for now let me brush over what I consider to be a Best Energy Efficient Windows replacement.

What makes the best energy efficient window? It must be certified by trustworthy authorities like Energy Star and NFRC, which stands for National Fenestration Rating Counsel. It has low argon gas in it, Most of them have vinyl frames, and some have double pane glass with a Rating (R) value of 2 to 10.

The benefits of the Energy Efficient Window Treatments

They help save on heating bills as they are able to retain heat during cold weather, Using vinyl frames with the most Energy Efficient Window Treatments provides maximum efficiency especially if it is made with spectrally selective glass, they reflect infrared radiation while allowing more light in. These are especially those that are low-e windows and spectrally selective. Most of them area really high quality and do in fact pay for themselves – if you know what I mean.

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