Window Valance Ideas

Transform your room with various Window Valance Ideas

Window Valance Ideas that cover the uppermost part of the window and are a great window enhancement especially if you have a view you don’t want obscured as it will not block incoming light nor take away your view. Window Valance Ideas are very popular in most home decorating books.

There are various types to choose from. A no sew valance is an inexpensive and very popular type as well. It used to be that valances were more of formal designs with elaborate fringed and constructed from rich tapestries. Contemporary designs are typically made of linen or cotton which lends a more informal style. Where you place your window valance is an important part of creating the enhancement of your windows. If you are looking to lengthen your windows you would place the valance at the bottom of your window consequently to shorten longer windows place the valances at the lower section.

The Window Valance Styles

Typically your valance should cover no more than one third of your window or they will overpower your window and look too ostentatious. Be cautious of the fact that using a valance at a two story window may cause the effect of lost height and space. Some of the most typical Window Valance Patterns are: Balloon valance which is called that because of the shape and the way it drapes at the window. The fabric is doubled along the rod which gives the effect of a balloon. By stuffing it with a soft substance such as tissue paper it creates shape.

Cotton fabrics or fabrics with bright Window Valance Patterns are an excellent choice. Another very popular type of valances is swag valances. This type of valance is best left short to bracket each side of your window. The swag is placed of each side of your window at the very top. You fold the material in a continuous parallel similar to that of a brochure fold or accordion and hang it across the two brackets. If your window is large then you may need a central bracket to secure the weight.

The Different Window Valance Patterns

This short drapery is often used to conceal the curtain rod or the top part of the curtain.

If you prefer plain colors for your curtain then a Window Valance Patterns can bring it to life. What are the different types of valance patterns? Here are some examples:

  • The London Shade – This valance pattern is comprised of a full swag, butterfly tails, and box pleats. The box pleats works by allowing the extra fabric to have spills and swags at the same time. This pattern is perfect if you want to portray that relaxed Roman appearance or effect.
  • Pouf Patterns – If you want a valance pattern that looks like clouds or balloons from afar, then the pouf is the perfect pattern for you. To create this pattern you will have to shirr the fabric. Therefore, to create a single pouf valance you will need to shirr fabric using two separate curtain rods.
  • This pattern is most commonly used together with pleated shades and mini blinds because this valance pattern helps create a softer look for this kind of window curtains or fixture.

These are the most common Window Valance Patterns to renew you simple window into a fabulous one.

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